Category: Dermal fillers

Brow lift Chennai for forehead lines 0

Eliminate forehead fine-lines & wrinkles

Cosmetic specialists at Derma med spa offer highly effective procedures to a smooth, flawless forehead. Treatments such as BOTOX® have the ability to halt fine-line formation, keeping your facial expressions wrinkle-free & beautiful A...
Chin Augmentation with dermal fillers in chennai 0

Chin Augmentation

A Strong chin adds beautiful definition to your face and enhances your appearance by giving you a proportional and attractive look while bringing balance to your gorgeous facial features. A weak chin is categorized...
Rhinoplasty and Nose surgery in Chennai 0

Rhinoplasty in Chennai

In terms of attractiveness, the best noses are the ones that don’t stand out. Proportionally sized, smooth contours and good shape and projection are the characteristics of the attractive nose. The results of a...
facial fillers in chennai for temples 0

Facial fillers for Temples

Smooth, fuller temples bring symmetry and proportion to stunning facial features and describe the look most people find universally attractive. As we age, however, we lose volume and an overall fat loss occurs across...
juvederm fillers in chennai 0

Facial filler treatments

JUVÉDERM is a dermal filler injectable used to smooth out fine-lines and wrinkles by filling in the deeper furrows and forming a strong support structure for your skin just like when you were younger....
Juvederm voluma filler in chennai 0


Facial fillers such as JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC are designed to replenish lost volume in larger facial areas such as cheeks and chin and help sculpt facial features you’ve always desired . VOLUMA is also...
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